The Impulse Difference
Physician Oversight
IMI's network connectivity model offers real-time physician oversight.
IMI's reporting features offer clear documentation of monitoring modalities used and units billed. And because we database all of our cases, automated cumulative reporting of cases can be provided at regular intervals. You will always know what is being monitored, for which case types and for which surgeons.
The IMI neurophysiologist training program is comprehensive, auditable and among the best in the industry
IMI internally credentials neurophysiologists for all types of cases and monitoring modalities allowing us to match their capabilities with level of case complexity.
Full Case Range & Standardized Protocols
IMI offers a full range of monitoring to meet a hospital's caseload. Additionally, our centralized organization of training, data collection and management processes allow for easy multi-site integration and standardization of care as appropriate.
IONM is often less expensive than managing an in-house program.
IMI provides full night and weekend coverage. Plus, most neurophysiologists are local allowing for more flexibility.