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More and more institutions are realizing that IONM has become a standard of care and that the cost of not having it available can be greater than the cost of having it. IMI provides a reliable, proven and cost-efficient alternative to maintaining an internal, hospital-staffed IONM capability.

Impulse has an experienced management and neurophysiology monitoring team. The Company is quickly expanding and has attracted a large number of neurophysiologists. We are well capitalized and continue to make significant investments in both personnel and the clinical and business infrastructure that supports our growing company.

Institutions ProfessionalForward-thinking
Impulse continues to invest in clinical education and training, as well as our communications infrastructure to deliver information and data in a timely and efficient manner. We are among the industry leaders in conducting research and development projects that will expand the application of neuromonitoring beyond the traditional orthopaedic spine and complex neurosurgery cases that currently use it.

Training and Credentials
While not required by every IONM company, professional credentials (registration) are now recognized as the standard for ensuring competency. The professional credentials often presented for IONM include one of: R. EEG T. for electroencephalography; R. EP T. for evoked potentials; R. PSG T. for polysomnography; R. ED T. for nerve conduction.

More specific credentialing for IONM are Certification in Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring (CNIM) for Bachelors level, and Diplomate of the American Board of Neurophysiologic Monitoring (D.ABNM) for Doctoral level graduates trained in intraoperative monitoring. These registrations include training in all of the various intraoperative modalities frequently used in IONM. The CNIM requires proof of performance of monitoring on 150 surgeries and successful completion of a written exam in neuromonitoring. The ABNM requires proof of monitoring 300 cases and the successful completion of an oral and written exam. Impulse has a number of neurophysiologists with a CNIM, or in the process of earning CNIM certification, D.ABNM, and many others with advanced degrees.

Internal Training and CME
IMI provides its neurophysiologists and neurologists with ongoing internal and external opportunities in accredited continuing education. Neurophysiologists with a graduate level degree are encouraged and trained by IMI to achieve their D. ABNM designation. Impulse requires a stringent internal training program, which is in the process of gaining university accreditation for final year audiologist internship.