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Online Schedule Viewing
Surgeries can be booked and confirmed online.  Additionally, IMI also offers online review of your surgical monitoring schedule in a HIPAA-secure environment.

Data Security and Storage
IMI transfers all real-time IONM data to a remote central location for professional oversight and interpretation via an encrypted virtual private network.

Clinical DataProfessional Oversight
Most cases monitored by IMI include an overseeing physician or senior level neurophysiologist who is dedicated to confirming that the best possible information is being provided to the surgeon.

At the end of each surgery, a comprehensive report is generated and sent to the hospital's records department, as well as the surgeon's office. The report includes numeric results and professional commentary interpreting the results for each modality that was tested during the surgery.  Proprietary and easy-to-read reports highlight any abnormalities that were noted by the overseeing physician during the surgery. This allows the surgeon to quickly focus on those parts of the report that are of concern to the surgical outcome.

Cumulative reporting by case type or surgeon is also available.

Patient Care
Patient Information guides are provided at request to all surgeons' offices so that the patient is aware that neuromonitoring will be applied during their surgery and the reasons why it is important. We have also provided a comprehensive patient-focused section on this Website to provide additional patient information and education about IONM. Finally, the neurophysiologist will make every effort to introduce him- or herself to the patient before the surgery to answer any questions that the patient may have about monitoring.